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Mente livre – corpo forte – espírito belo. I glimpsed these words while traveling a few years back and they stayed with me. A free mind, a strong body and a beautiful spirit: goals worth pursuing, don't you think? This site is a personal travel guide to wells of wisdom, love and pleasure. Let’s explore!


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there is a lot at stake...trying to find a way that allows philosophy to ask the big questions – about love, life, spirituality, the soul – with rigour, empathy and imagination. “It is not that I have a special theory to put forward,” she suddenly says. “But it is important to ask those big questions. It is like a map of Africa in the 1820s. We just haven’t looked hard enough!”

Lunch with the FT: Mary Midgley, 4.4.2014

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Mente Livre is about following your heart, knowing your mind and expanding your soul, with a smattering of travellers' tales in between. This is your compass to the site.

How do we learn to live in and through love? Where do we even begin? Can love permeate our lives even when we are alone? Does love change as we change? Should we love ourselves, and to what extent? The Heart is where we explore these and other themes on love. Enter the Heart.

Our minds are made of memory upon memory. It's filled with routes: some lead to avoidance and fear, others to purer goals. Even in the most measured mind, the unknown hides. In the Mind we wander in the many rooms of that palace in our heads and learn its secrets better. Enter the Mind

The journey to self-discovery frightens, rewards, wounds and helps us soar above our old selves. Others have walked the Road before, and left lessons to guide us forward. In the Soul we study how the inner eye develops. Enter the Soul

Most things in life are soothed, improved or even solved by a journey. In Travels you won't find deep learnings. Just glimpses from places where the food tastes different and the sky is wider.  Enter Travels